A Quarterly Publication of City of Hope | Volume 18 Number 3 | Summer 2007



Tradition strengthens ties with volunteers

This summer’s National Convention, “Building a Future of Hope,” celebrated fundraising successes and City of Hope’s continued growth and development. I enjoyed meeting and reuniting with many of you during that weekend, and I hope that those of you in attendance benefited from the time together and went away feeling energized and renewed.

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National convention celebrates contributions of volunteers nationwide


Nearly 800 volunteers from across the country shared their fundraising successes and learned about the latest advances in medical research at City of Hope’s 2007 National Convention in Beverly Hills, Calif., in June.

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Argyros Foundation supports Arnold and Mabel Beckman Center with $5 million gift


The Argyros Foundation has donated $5 million toward construction of the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Center for Cancer Immunotherapeutics and Tumor Immunology.

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Carol Ramnarine

First, but not last

I did not realize the importance of my treatment at first. Clad in little more than a hospital gown, I approached the TomoTherapy HI-ART System with as much calm as an apprehensive person being fed into a radioactive machine could muster in a situation like that.

Eventually, though, the magnitude of the event dawned on me.

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Through cause-related marketing programs, City of Hope’s dedicated corporate supporters have helped raise more than $25 million since 1999. We thank all of the companies that support our lifesaving research, treatment and education efforts through cause-related marketing campaigns.

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Research & Treatment

New family of drugs offers hope for breast cancer patients

No one wants to hear that they have advanced cancer, but women facing metastatic breast cancer may soon have a new therapy option in their hard-pitched fight against the disease.

Scientists put type1 Diabetes in reverse

Some researchers are asking a provocative question about type 1 diabetes: What if the immune system could be reset, so that it stopped attacking insulin-producing cells? City of Hope researchers already are on the case.

Gene machines find the answers to diseases amid thousands of bits of DNA

For much of her life as a researcher, Rama Natarajan, Ph.D., has sought to understand the causes behind diabetes’ complications and how resulting cellular changes can damage organs.

Right on the nose

Some 5,000 years ago, ancient Egyptians were the first to operate through the nasal passages. Their surgical device: a special hook that, when inserted through a nostril, allowed morticians to remove brain matter for the mummification process.

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Personal loss leads to generous lifelong

A results-oriented entrepreneur, Larry Flax typifies today’s high-profile philanthropist. As a cofounder of California Pizza Kitchen, Flax knows a thing or two about getting involved.

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Recent Grants

UniHealth Foundation award supports nurse education and training program

UniHealth Foundation has awarded a three-year, $511,130 grant to develop evidence-based practice skills in staff nurses, which will promote patient safety and quality nursing care.

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Henry L. Guenther Foundation aids acquisition of 3T MRI machine

The Henry L. Guenther Foundation awarded a two-year, $500,000 grant to help City of Hope acquire a 3-tesla magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine.

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