A Quarterly Publication of City of Hope | Volume 18 Number 3 | Summer 2007

An angelic recruiter


Although Jake Sachse considers himself a typical teenager, many now think of him as an angel. The philanthropic aspirations of the 16-year-old, a junior at Crossroads School in Santa Monica, Calif., inspired him to launch, “Be An Angel + Save A Life” — a drive to sign up potential donors to the National Marrow Donor Program registry and raise funds to underwrite genetic testing costs. During the drive, held on Nov. 17 at Sachse’s school, nearly 500 eligible adults and students enrolled in the registry.

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It takes a team to win the fight against cancer, and City of Hope now has some powerful teammates on its side.

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Fighting cancer through haute couture


Fashionistas can now do their part against cancer and look fantastic in the process.

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Noemi Maldonado

”You have to have hope.”

I’ve had a bumpy road since the day I was born. What has gotten me through it all has been the love of my family and my tenacity. I just don’t give up. That ethic has a lot to do with what happened early in my childhood.

My family was forced to flee Cuba in the 1960s when my dad was jailed by Cuban President Fidel Castro. I accompanied my mother and my older sister, Rosa, to the United States, landing in Los Angeles on Oct. 12, 1967.

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Through cause-related marketing programs, City of Hope’s dedicated corporate supporters have helped raise more than $25 million since 1999. We thank all of the companies that support our lifesaving research, treatment and education efforts through cause-related marketing campaigns.

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Research & Treatment

The secret within

Being diagnosed with breast cancer is tough enough. For women in their 30s and 40s, long before menopause, the diagnosis can seem especially inexplicable.

Sounding the alarm on a silent killer

Tossed and pushed by currents, they move along like debris in the bloodstream. These molecules — called antibodies — are more than just another string of proteins.

Pecking away at the mystery of cancer immunity

Thanks to the Human Genome Project, scientists know that a big chunk of human chromosome 6 consists of an array of genes that makes each person unique — or at least makes their tissues unique.

Modernizing the fight against kidney cancer

Robert Figlin, M.D., has tired of delivering bad news. Fortunately, trials of a flurry of new drugs have brought better results and fewer side effects.

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One family looks for a “kure”

Barry Hoeven is a man of his word. Through a recent $150,000 gift pledged to City of Hope on behalf of his family, Hoeven made good on a promise to support the kidney cancer research of his oncologist, Robert A. Figlin, M.D…

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Recent Grants

Sidell-Kagan Foundation continues support of Alzheimer’s research

A three-year, $300,000 grant awarded to Paul Salvaterra, Ph.D., professor of neurosciences, by the Sidell-Kagan Foundation enables him to study the underlying genetic factors that contribute to Alzheimer’s disease.

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Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation aids organ donors

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation awarded a three-year, $304,887 grant to Joyce Niland, Ph.D., the Edward and Estelle Alexander Chair in Information Sciences, for a data management core Web-based system to support the activities of nPOD (Network for Pancreatic Organ donors with Diabetes).

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